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Suisun Valley, Fairfield - Undiscovered Wine and More

Photo courtesy Visit Fairfield  East of Napa, lies a treasure   Would you believe me if I told you there is an undiscovered treasure literally just over the hill from Napa Valley?  I’m not referring to Sonoma in the west, that IS certainly discovered. Look the other way - east. It has many fewer wineries than either, but the Suisun Valley AVA, (American Viticulture Area), has been an important wine-growing area and is just one year younger than California’s first, Napa Valley.  Wineries to Discover I knew the uber-famous Caymus Vineyards had a facility there, where their ubiquitous Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is bottled. I wanted to learn more, so when I had an opportunity to visit their newly opened tasting room in Suisun, I jumped on it. Suisun, (pronounced sue-SOON), Valley, is part of the greater Fairfield Valley - so, a sort of valley in a valley.  Indoor/Outdoor Tasting Room, Caymus-Suisun The area currently has a few more than a dozen wineries open to the public, and a histor

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