Pro Wine Tip

 Just a quick pro wine tip for anyone visiting The (must see) Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. 

At Duane’s Steakhouse, ( or probably any of the restaurants or bars in the hotel), which has great food, but less than inspired wine list, order the “Special Offer” wine. It’s Irvine and Roberts Vineyards Pinot Noir from Oregon’s Rogue Valley. You have two choices- the Estate Pinot  if you are having seafood or lighter offerings, or the Reserve, (is inexplicably less money), which has more structure and heft, and better with a steak. 

Vineyards are L.I.V.E. Certified Sustainable, and Salmon Safe. 

These are both priced at or very near RETAIL prices, and not the usual 3-4x restaurant markup. These are both not just good wines, but at these prices, a delightful find! 

Why such value? Well, the winery is owned by The Mission Inn proprietors. Yay for us. 


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