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Farm Cerri. Winery and Agriturismo
Cellar in Villa Pagnoncelli 

You fly into one of Milano's 3 airports. Depending on where your heart takes you, you stay a few days in Milano, soak up the diverse rich culture, your eyes zip up the soaring heights of The Duomo, the majestic class and opulence of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II for fashion,  OR, you land close to Bergamo
- 43 km, (27 miles), from Milano, and a mere 5 miles to some of the most gorgeous landscape and wine country you can picture. 

Pagnoncelli Folcieri Moscato di Scanzo

Chock full of agriturismos, (stay on a vineyard / farm), super quality wines, and historic homes and castles from the 16 and 1700's. you will soon relax and unwind with a sip of Moscato di Scanzo. No, this is not your commonplace moscato - this is a moscato that will knock your socks off. Meditation wine they say. Cozying up in front of a winery fire, or a soaring window onto the lush green landscape with a lusious Moscato di Scanzo, and a bite of local gorgonzola, with walnuts on crisp sesame integrale cracker. Let me tell you, it's called meditation wine for a reason - that's what it elicits. It is not a wine you can gulp down unthinkingly - it demands attention. 

De Toma Moscato di Scanzo

Farm Cerri Winery and Agriturismo

Welcome to Moscato di Scanzo, one of 5 DOCG's in Lombardy. (Lombardy is located in north central Italy, home of Milan, at the base of the Italian Alps, and home to Lake Como and Lake Garda - Italy’s largest lake). This is a deep red dessert wine, but oh so much more.  Along with Francicorta DOCG, (what I call the "Champagne" of Italy; Oltrep√≤ Pavese Metodo Classico DOCG, (another serious quality sparkling wine,); and two more I will be visiting shortly in another blog: Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG, (Passito method Nebbiolo), and Valtellina Superiore DOCG, (Nebbiolo), rounds off the 5 DOCG's.

Francesca, of Pagnoncelli Folcieri, introducing our group to Moscato di Scanzo 

Villa Pagnoncelli, Francesca’s historic home

This wine - this moscato, which you've likely never heard of, is a show stopper. The world goes silent for a moment, while you sink deep into it's charms. Cool and luscious, sweet and complex, it's unfolding layers let you forget all else, and your experience unfolds. Setting off the salty gorgonzola you nibble on between sips, it is pure heaven. Get ready for your new best friend. 

No need to stop there however,  after your dinner, have more with dessert. It will be a bit warmer now, which is perfect for enjoying with a dessert of tart cherry pie, or flourless chocolate cake.

More Fun Facts about Moscato di Scanzo:

All wine here is red and made in apassimento style. There are 9 types of Moscato - this is the only Moscato that's a "Passito", (made from dried grapes), and the only red Moscato in Italy. Drying the grapes concentrates the flavors and sugars, resulting in a wine similar to a Port, but without fortification. 

Only 2 kilos (less than 4.5 lbs), are picked at a time - per basket, so that grapes do not crush each other. 

Each grape is checked meticulously, and DAILY for mold, while drying in special greenhouses. 

Wines are aged 24 months in steel. No oak necessary, and would cover up some of the intense aromatics. These grapes are so complex and flavorful, full of aromas and tastes of everything from baking spices, sage and thyme, almond, and honey, and luxardo cherry. 

Moscato di Scanza is the second smallest DOCG in all of Italy. Only 19 producers in the consorzio, and approximately 31 hectares TOTAL. 

These wines are not exported to the U.S., so you must visit, and bring home your own bottle or two. Some will ship to U.S., but it's very pricey. However, I did find one that will ship, and if at least 6 bottles, shipping cost is much better!

Links to some Moscato di Scanzo producers:

Martini Col Di Paste

Azienda Agricola Magrisereno

Moscato Martinelli


Moscato Pagnoncelli Folcieri


Farm Cerri

De Toma


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